International Consulting Services

Our firm offers virtual consultations via Skype. Wherever you are in the world we can connect with you to discuss your plan for coming to Canada.

We offer an initial Skype consultation free of charge where we can discuss your business ideas or your plan to come to Canada to attend one of its many outstanding universities or colleges. After that you can connect with us for paid sessions in person or via Skype again where we will get down to business.

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Trusted Resources For Students & Parents

When we host virtual consultations, we often refer to the links and information provided by Global Affairs Canada, Provincial and Municipal supports, and Regulated Service Providers because these are truly the most reliable resources for students planning to study in Canada.

Avoid Immigration Fraud and False Promises

Sometimes clients reach out to us with situations where they recognize they have paid a lot of money for false promises guaranteeing student permits or immigration pathways.

These are always difficult situations for us to hear about, but if you are in this situation, its not your fault and you are not alone. We can help you connect with a trusted lawyer in Canada. After we understand the status of your file, we can support you in deciding your future options.

Here is a helpful link on how to avoid false starts on your journey to Canada. There is contact information included in this link where you may report your situation to Canadian authorities.

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