Study Pathways

The Canadian Education System is Flexible

We know everyone’s situation is unique and can present challenges such as limited financial resources, a need for language training or a need for upgrading pre-requisites to get into a program of choice.

There are many options in the Canadian education systems for different situations, to help international students complete their desired study program. Our goal is to walk with you while you navigate those options and provide you with solutions that fit your study pathway.

Manitoba also has a number of diverse options for you, including:

  • You can choose from colleges, universities, or technical institutes.
  • You can choose to take diploma or certificate courses, or full degree programs; or
  • You can begin in one program or type of post-secondary institution, and then transfer to another as their interests and goals evolve.

Canada is a well-educated nation at the post-secondary level. In fact, 54% of Canadians aged 25 to 64 have a post-secondary degree or diploma. Graduate degrees from Canada are highly regarded internationally.

Planning Your Study Periods

You will attend University and College semesters like this:

  • First semester: early September to mid-December
  • Holiday break: mid-December to early January
  • Second semester: early January to early May
  • Summer holidays/Summer courses: May to August

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