Studying in Canada is a big investment into your future. Your education is both expensive and very valuable.

You’re Not a Tuition Commodity: You’re a Valued Student

As countries are competing for top talent around the world, the reality is that the “business of international” students is big business.

Sometimes students may feel persuaded by immigration consultants, agents, or recruiters to enter into programs that are not a good match academically, financially, or for long term goals. Some advisors may be limited in finding programs you need and feel pressured to enroll students. We know this can limit your plans and could cause you to be unhappy with your choices as a student. We want to create a student profile that is in yours and your family’s best interest to make sure you are happy with your choice.

The main services we provide students include:

Finding the Right Fit

You want to go to an institution with the right classes, the right feel and the necessary resources for you to succeed. We help you with those things such as picking classes, navigating degree requirements and maintaining a healthy schedule.

Health Supports

Being a student can be stressful and that can have an affect on your grades. That is why we will connect you with professionals who can help you manage the stresses and anxieties that come with being a student. Whether it’s connecting you with legal or financial help or a mental health professional, we want to make sure you are healthy both physically and mentally so you can focus fully on your studies.

Job Search Support

Whether you need a part-time job during your studies or are looking to get into your job market after graduation, we can help you prepare your first resume. We’ll connect you with job search specialists so you can gain Canadian work experience.

Student Housing

Finding student housing can be a challenge for newcomers or international students. Our team will connect you with secure and safe accommodations. Whether you’re a short-term student in need of a dorm room, or a long-term student looking for a more permanent residence, we’ll connect you with the people who will make that happen.

Your Planning Team Includes:

Education Advisor

  • An independent Education Consultant who does not rely on commissions from learning institutions. We assess your needs, research the best options for your student profile, and match you with right programs for your study path.

Immigration Lawyer & Consultant

  • A regulated Immigration Consultants and Lawyers who can advise you on student visas, study permits, and possible immigration pathways after you complete your studies.

Educational Program Advisors

  • Advisors from learning institutions for international students that offer insights into programs that will best match your profile.

Ready to explore studying in Canada?

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