We deliver a project management experience that includes relationship building, planning and decision making as you become familiar with stakeholders in the local community.

Some of the main services we offer:

To prepare for your settlement, even before you arrive in Canada, we can begin to provide services that will help inform and prepare you for business in Canada. We can help you in any areas that require writing or in-depth research. We’ll support you in many areas of your business, including:

Business Settlement

This includes helping with reports on business trend forecasting, start-up support and operational support after your business takes off.

Writing & Research

We will help you research your business, prepare documents, schedule exploratory meetings and help prepare and write your business plan.

Strategic Investment

We can help you do your due diligence on your target market, your costs and the price you should charge for your product. Due diligence support.


We can set you up with networking opportunities to meet legal, financial and business advisors and get you started on industry association memberships.

We have taken years to cultivate business relationships in the community and want to give our clients the best business relationships and resources.

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