Confidently & Wisely Invest In Manitoba

As an international entrepreneur, you can be sure that we treat your business concept as a Canadian investment. We are dedicated and invested in your success. To us, that means due diligence, experienced decision making, and succession planning.

(Stats on Canadian economy) Why Manitoba?

Due Diligence: Look Before You Leap!

We are constantly surveying industries in the Province of Manitoba for business and investment opportunities through our networks. There are opportunities to invest in Canadian ventures or purchase a successful business to manage.

Unlisted Businesses for Sale

Unlisted and Open for Business

Manitoba is a place of community supported prosperity. Canadian business owners have invested many years and sometimes generations of hard-earned money, and personal energy into building success stories and legacies.

They are looking for buyers who can continue a strong legacy of serving the needs of communities that support their businesses.

Who is Selling and Why?

There is an aging population in Manitoba. As people are retiring, communities are at risk of losing businesses that have become longstanding landmarks and are heavily relied on by local community members.

Business sellers are sometimes private about their intentions to sell. This is to ensure continued stability and profitability as they plan for retirement.

How can you find unlisted businesses for sale?

To access businesses for sale, you may connect with brokers or conduct your own search through commercial real estate and property listings. These are listings that are advertised openly.

We help clients conduct due diligence research, legal and thorough financial analysis before purchasing their business.

We are not brokers, but we can connect you with an unlisted and private network of successful business owners who are seeking to sell their companies to qualified buyers.

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