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The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is a great way for you to get your foot in the door if you are looking for employment in the province. When you use our services, we can connect you with authorized and helpful contacts who are ready to support your success with this program.

Manitoba’s economy reflects the collaborative features that only come from a community that works together. International students and transnational families are embraced in the local economy where they can leverage their talents, skills, and expertise.

Manitoba: Youthful and Family Oriented

Manitoba is truly a great place if you’re looking to start a business. It is also full of welcoming communities where families may find lots of opportunity to settle successfully.

Whether you like a busy urban center or a lifestyle close to nature, you can enjoy both!

Throughout the province, you will find cities and smaller towns, where there are parks and nature to enjoy.


Manitoba’s population estimate in 2018.


Immigrant landings in Manitoba in 2019.

90 %

Of migrants come to Manitoba as MPNP nominees.

If you want to settle in another one of Canada’s great provinces, we can connect you to the programs in those areas that will help you.

Explore Your Business Concept

Surveying the market you’re entering is a key part of building your business because you need to make sure you have a product that people will respond to.

The best decisions are made within a network of local contacts who can provide you with different levels of information, both formal and informal. They are both equally valuable.

By adding us to your itinerary, you’ll discover how we accelerate your business venture by an average of about seven years, compared to those who do not have introductions to essential contacts within their new business community. You want to feel safe when entering your business into a new market, and we can help you get there.

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