Keeping Yourself and Your Finances Healthy

One of the biggest concerns for international students and their parents is financing international education during a pandemic. Many families all over the world are facing financial and economic hardship because of the pandemic because of changes to their economies.

The government of Canada has offered a number of very beneficial programs to help you with uncertain plans at this time. And recently announced guidelines for international students and their travel requirements during this pandemic.

Canada is working very hard to help all of its students. It is currently one of the most flexible countries in the world, for international students, as we face the Covid 19 pandemic together. Policies have been created to help you maintain your status as an international student, find work placements, and meet the requirements for your planned study pathways and post graduate work opportunities.

Please consult with us, as information for international students is frequently updated. Make sure you don’t miss out on important information and deadlines. If you need to change your region or program of study, we are here to help you understand how to do this without losing your status. Manitoba is an affordable choice for you to live whether you are on campus or living independently.